the start to the start..

Raaite.. And that’s just the spirit we stifle people around us with when its time for a grand new change.. a whole new beginning?! So sure.. it is a new beginning.. but the first that feels like this. A change is due.. a w-h-o-l-e n-e-w.. wait-for-it… ME?? *gulps*  Jeez.. is this something i want? reaaly? i’m happy with myself.. Am sure people around aren’t complaining either.. why this PLUNGE then? *bites nails* hmmm.. zzz.. i wanna get back to work and other more important things.. And it really isn’t such a grave emergency for a “new me” now is it? (and quickly dives her focus right into other windows but soon enough sneakily peeks right back into project coming out of the closet) hey nice name by the way little miss “sulley” *pats herself* if nothing atleast i gave it a sassy name *smirks*.. hmmm well, i’m sure something did urge me to get this far right? *flashback* (…….looks at her ugly disfunctional wardrobe and screams “ewww.. hey who the hell are you?”…….) *quickly shirks herself back from that nightmare* Faiine..  So i do need a change.. well now who doesn’t right? like once in a while?! *braces herself* Right now the hardest thing to do is coming to face with myself here. WOW and just a wardrobe change … who woulda thought!! *holds her head and sulks into her chair*

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